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A small, family-run business with over 30 years of experience

WPI is a family-run company providing quality "do-it-yourself" printing supplies. Since 1979 we have been proud to offer creative and artistic printing solutions and products designed to be high quality, great value, easy to use, and environmentally responsible.


MSRP: $10.49
PRICE: Starting at $5.99
4 oz size of beautiful, highly saturated and acid-free transparent colors. Pinata inks are alcohol-based, indelible and moisture resistant when dry. They can be used on most any clean surface.
Screen Kit Special
MSRP: $9.95
PRICE: $5.00
YOU SAVE: $4.95 (50 %)
Screen Kit Special
Back from a show and we're extending our special to our web customers. This is a great way to see how easy thermofax screen printing really is.
PRICE: Starting at $3.00
A wonderful assortment of metallic and pearlescent paints that brush on like butter and are designed not to spread. Lumiere colors can be bright, metallic or subtle, even on dark backgrounds. Their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage.
Thermal Screen Roll
Thermal Screen Roll, 70 Mesh
PRICE: Starting at $175.00
Thermal Screen Roll, 70 Mesh
70 MESH MINI ROLL SALE!! 70 mesh thermal screen in an economical roll. Carries burned image when thermal screen printing .
Thermofax Printing - Bringing Personal Imagery Alive
MSRP: $34.95
PRICE: $29.95
YOU SAVE: $5.00 (14 %)
Thermofax Printing - Bringing Personal Imagery Alive
A wonderful collaboration by Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn, practicing artists who also love to teach. The book and CD will inspire you and demystify the thermofax screen printing process. Enjoy!
Lutradur Mixed-Media Sheets
MSRP: $9.95
PRICE: $8.95
YOU SAVE: $1.00 (10 %)
Lutradur Mixed-Media Sheets
Everyone's talking about Lutradur®, the fabulously versatile cross between paper and fabric. Sew it, paint it, inkjet print on it, stencil it, stamp it, pleat it, dye it, distress it, die-cut it, sculpt with it, fold it, weave it, needlefelt on it.
multex Craft Pack - Laminated Mulberry Fiber - 18"x1.5 yards
MSRP: $9.95
PRICE: $8.95
YOU SAVE: $1.00 (10 %)
multex Craft Pack - Laminated Mulberry Fiber  -  18"x1.5 yards
Natural texture and translucent shine come together -- Two versatile, artful surfaces in one! Mulberry paper on one side with a glossy coating on the other side...the possibilities for this unique, lightweight (but strong!) surface are endless.
Mixed Media Art Paper Sampler Pack
MSRP: $17.95
PRICE: $14.95
YOU SAVE: $3.00 (17 %)
Mixed Media Art Paper Sampler Pack
**NEW PRODUCT** Includes 11 sheets of sheer fun! Here's a chance to try all of our art papers including: mul-tex™ ~ ExtravOrganza ~ InkJet Silk Habotai ~ InkJet Cotton ~ and all 3 weights of Lutradur
Fabric Art Collage - 40+ Mixed Media Techniques
MSRP: $26.95
PRICE: $19.95
YOU SAVE: $7.00 (26 %)
Fabric Art Collage - 40+ Mixed Media Techniques
Have you ever melted crayons onto muslin? Painted wool felt with bleach? Heat-embossed quilt batting using lace? Rebekah Meier has, and she shows you how to create fabulous fabric collages with these techniques and many, many more.