3" Round Button Machine

Tecre Co., Inc.
3" Round Button Machine  for making 3" buttons. With this high quality USA made button machine, you can quickly and simply make high quality buttons very inexpensively. Use for fundraising, names, logos, promotions, awards, etc.
This model produces standard 3" buttons with a variety of options. You can make magnets simply by assembling a button without a pin and adding the necessary accessories. Along with standard 3" buttons and mirror back buttons, it can also produce "photo buttons" using photographic material. If you will be making buttons with this type of material please make a note of it when ordering. Your machine will then be manufactured to have the extra clearance needed in the upper die to accommodate the thicker material.
The 3" Round Button Machine can produce 5 different products:
  • Pin Back Buttons
  • Mirror Back Buttons
  • Magnets
  • Key Chain Buttons
  • Photo Buttons
Size: 12" x 3" x 7", Weighs approximately 15.5 lbs
Use with 3" Graphic Punch.
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