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Many artists offer their designs as well as custom screens for all of your surface design needs.  They will need a clean black and white image (no gray areas) and can image it on a Thermal Screen, which you can then use for your screen printing project. 

Here are a few of our favorites:

Sally Baker -
Jane Dunnewold Studios -
Friends Fabric Art -
Lyric Kinard -
Lynn Krawczyk -
Marcy Tilton Designs -
MeinkeToy Fiber Art Supplies -
Northwood Studios -
PG Fiber2Art -
Carol Solan -
in Canada, Susan Purney Mark -
in the U.K.,
and in Australia, Dyed & Gone to Heaven at
Check out their beautiful work on these websites.
In addition, there are several resources for copyright-free, permission-free graphics that will enhance your projects. There are many, but we have used these and find them a great resource: (Let us know if you find others and we'll add them).
Check out Etsy shops as well for wonderful graphics at a very low cost that are perfect for screen printing.
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