Imprintables & Craft Supplies


Choose from a variety of blank materials for printing.

We offer everything from T-shirts to ceramic mugs to rubber mouspads to plastic luggage tags.

NOTE: certain imprintables will only work with a specific process, so make sure to check the product details to determine if it will work with the process you will be using. For example, plastics will only work with sublimation transfers, whereas every process can print on fabrics. Additional imprintables are available; just call or email.

Sublimation imprintables
We offer a wide range of t-shirts to suit your screen-printing and transfer paper needs.
Mousepads & Coasters
White fabric topped mousepads or coasters for use with sublimation, inkjet, screenprinting and Print Gocco.
Button Machines
Manual button makers for various size buttons.
Paper Cutter/Punch
Various manual machines to prepare for making buttons.
Print Gocco
Originally developed in Japan, Print Gocco is a low-cost, simple process, using flashbulbs, masters (stencils) and printing ink to stamp custom greeting cards, invitations, stationery, etc.
Button Component Parts
Button component parts for various types of button.

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