InkJet Transfer Paper

JetTee - Transfer Paper Takes Off!

JetTee Transfer Papers for inkjet printers, color laser printers, and laser copiers offer superior image quality and durability at both discount and wholesale prices.

Transfer your own image to a T-shirt in just 3 steps:
Print, Apply, and Peel
Use either an InkJet or a Laser printer:

Transfer digital photos, digitally created or scanned artwork, funny wording, custom logos, etc. to t-shirts, mousepads, tote bags or any absorbent fabric using a regular household iron.

All you need is a computer, an inkjet printer with regular ink, an iron or heat press and our special paper.

InkJet Transfer Papers

We have different inkjet transfer papers to suit your needs. Our most popular item, JetTee Iron-On for light colored fabrics, is a high quality versatile paper that can be used with a heat press or regular household iron and be peeled hot or cold for a matte or glossy finish.

We also offer JetTee Premium, a premium matte finish inkjet transfer paper for use with a heat press and JetTee Opaque, a new high quality Inkjet transfer paper for dark and colored fabrics.

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JetTee Iron On Transfer Paper for Light Fabric
JetTee Light Fabric Transfer Paper (Purple Line)
PRICE: Starting at $5.95
JetTee Light Fabric Transfer Paper (Purple Line)
JetTee is the best economy inkjet transfer paper for iron on shirt transfers. This commercial grade paper produces durable prints with vibrant colors and soft hand feel. For light fabrics and blends, use iron or t-shirt press.
JetTee Premium InkJet Transfer Paper
JetTee Light Fabric Premium Transfer Paper (Yellow Line)
PRICE: Starting at $5.95
JetTee Light Fabric Premium Transfer Paper (Yellow Line)
JetTee Premium is a soft hand transfer for white or light colored fabrics with high quality print and transfer performance Iron and Heat press friendly, (click link for more information and PDF instructions).
JetTee Opaque Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric
JetTee Dark Fabric Transfer Paper (Blue Line)
PRICE: Starting at $5.95
JetTee Dark Fabric Transfer Paper (Blue Line)
JetTee Dark Fabric is a t-shirt iron transfer paper for black and dark colored fabrics. This iron on heat transfer offers excellent color vibrancy and durability. Use a hand iron or heat press to imprint t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags and heavy fabric

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