JetTee Laser - Non-Oil Transfer Paper (Brown Line)

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Here is a paper that works well in the high heat color laser printers that do NOT use fuser oil.  Works in most of the popular new and low cost HP CLP printers.  If you use a Non-Oil Laser Printer Paper in a Oil Laser Printer, you will often have trouble getting the toner to stick, (Non-Oil print hotter), where if you put a Oil Laser Paper in a Non-Oil Laser Printer it can melt and cause a big mess.  

Unlike InkJet Transfers, Laser Printer Transfer Paper does take a bit of testing to find the correct settings.  Generally you want to provide the easiest path (may need to adjust for a direct feed through), and paper settings are often critical for each printer.  

For white or light colored fabrics only.  Heat press required.

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