Here's How It Works

1. Create Original
Create an original drawing with a carbon pen or use a photocopy.
2. Transfer Image
Transfer the image to a print master using the self-contained flash unit.
3. Spread Ink
Spread the ink onto the print master right from the tubes—as many colors as you wish.
4. Insert into Printer
Insert print master into printer, push down on the handle, and start making your color prints!

Using The Riso Screenprint Method

Uses no multiple screens, no complicated stencils or expensive equipment, AND it's easy enough to use for elementary-aged children, yet sophisticated enough to challenge teens and adults. Make as many as 70 or 80 prints from one inking!

Now you can use our new Riso Screen Print Kit to create great multi-color prints on almost any cloth!

  1. Draw your original design with Gocco High-Carbon pens.
  2. Use your Gocco machine to image the special PG screens.
  3. Set-up your screens for proper registration.
  4. Apply ink to the Gocco masterwith a spatula.
  5. Using squeegee, spread ink evenly over the screen. Allow ink to drybetween each application.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 for each color you use.
  7. After ink has dried, heat-set with an iron.Note: WPI thermal screens, frames
    and fabric inks as well as Versatex fabric inks, are extremely compatible with the PG Screen method, making this kit an excellent addition to your fabric printing activities.

Using Ink-Blocking Sheets

To avoid problems with large amounts of ink interfering with smaller amounts, it is wise to divide each color using ink blocking. Simply cut the needed amount and adhere to the master where needed. See Video #1 for full demonstration.

Applying Embossing Powders

Gold and silver powders are opaque, while the clear and rainbow powders are transparent. While the ink is still wet, sprinkle embossing powder over the print and heat for embossed effect. See Video #2 for full demonstration.

Saving and Re-Using Gocco Masters

Gocco Hi-Mesh masters are reusable. You can either save it for a few days with the ink in place by temporarily storing it in a sealed plastic bag, or you can save it for later re-use with the following method:

  1. Simply remove the excess ink with a blunt tool and set it aside (in a Gocco Ink Cone or some other sealed container) for later use.
  2. Then wipe both sides of the master with Riso Ink Cleaner.
  3. Store the master between two clean sheets of white paper. Note: Before using the master for finished prints again, make several test prints.

Using Gocco Full-Color Process Inks

You can now use your computer graphics or desktop publishing programs to create separations of the primary colors that make up color photographs. Afterwards, you can image separate masters for each color—yellow, cyan, and magenta—and then overprint the colors in proper alignment to obtain a full-color print.


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