Gocco inks

Originally developed in Japan, Print Gocco is a low-cost, simple process, using flashbulbs, masters (stencils) and printing ink to stamp custom greeting cards, invitations, stationery, etc.

Multi-colored designs can be printed on posters, business cards, napkins or even t-shirts.

Using carbon based artwork (laser printout, photocopy, carbon pen drawing), a flashbulb unit and bulbs, an imaged screen can be created.

The imaged screen can be loaded with numerous ink colors and used to produce hundreds of prints.

Note: Goccos have been discontinued but we still do have supplies.
We will continue to have most supplies until at least sometime in 2010, with prices going up or down depending on short/excess supplies. We are trying as best as possible to keep a balanced supply, so that we are able to maintain, to the best of our ability, a full inventory.

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