Squeegee w/ ink and screen

Screen printing is a versatile process, generally used for volume printing, and can be used to imprint a wide variety of substrates including t-shirts and other fabrics, paper, metals, wood, plastics and ceramics, etc.

Basically, screen printing consists of three elements: the screen which carries a stencilled image, the squeegee and the ink. The ink passes through the mesh of the screen to which the stencil has been applied, the stencil openings determining the image that will be imprinted.

The screen is generally a piece of porous, finely woven fabric mesh usually made from polyester, but may also be nylon or steel. The screen is stretched over a frame.

At Welsh Products Inc. our innovative thermal screen printing process has now been available for over 30 years. Thermal Screen Printing uses a specially made polyester screen with a heat sensitive backing. The screen is imaged using a thermal imaging machine and does not require any emulsions or exposure units associated with traditional modern day screen printing.

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