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Get Started

Beginning Sublimation is very simple. Here's what you need:

  1. An Epson printer equipped with sublimation inks.
  2. High-quality inkjet paper.
  3. A heat press (in some cases must be specific to the type of object you're imprinting).
  4. Any item you wish to imprint.

To get started, you will want to create or import a design (text, graphic, etc.) to your computer. When you're satisfied with the design and are ready to print it, you may wish to use the color-correction software to account for the color changes in the sublimation process. Now you're ready to print.

In the printer options or setup screen check the "flip horizontal" box, select the 720dpi and Hi Quality Ink Jet Paper settings. When the image is printed (it will look dull on the paper—this is normal) you may want to trim the image to make it easier to position on your item to be printed. Secure your image to the object with heat tape to keep it from slipping or shifting. Place the item in your pre-heated heat press and press for the specified amount of time (see below).

When pressing is done, gently remove the object and remove the paper (be careful not to let the paper shift across the surface of the object, or you may create a "ghost" image). When the object is removed from the press or clamp, just let it cool and it's done!

Heat-Press Settings/Times

In order to properly heat-set your sublimation transfer, you will need to adjust some settings depending on what type of material you are transferring to.
This may help. These numbers are approximate—your heat press may vary somewhat.

fabrics (65% or more polyester content to surface):
400°F (medium pressure, 40 psi), 20 seconds
mugs (must have special super-hard polymer coating):
400°F (medium pressure, 40 psi), 120-210 seconds (varies greatly)
mousepad material (also fabric coasters):
400°F (medium pressure, 40 psi), 25 seconds
metals (must have special super-hard polymer coating):
400°F (medium pressure, 40 psi), 30-55 seconds (varies greatly)
unisub plastics:
400°F (medium pressure, 40 psi), 30-60 seconds
glass (must have special super-hard polymer coating):
400°F (medium pressure, 40 psi), 180 seconds

Plate Puck Instructions

Pre-heat puck in heat press for 10 minutes at 400? F.

Always put paper or Teflon sheet between the puck and the heating platen of the heat press to avoid damage to the Teflon coating on the platen.

Tape a sublimation transfer to the center of the plate. Size of transfer should be as follows:
4-1/2" plate puck: 4-3/4" transfer with 4-1/4" diameter image area
5-1/2" plate puck: 5-3/4" transfer with 5-1/4" diameter image area

Carefully remove puck from the heat press with a pair of pliers and set directly over the transfer.

Put plate and puck in heat press and press for 3 minutes at 400? F. Do not forget paper or Teflon between puck and platen!

Using oven mitts, remove plate and puck from heat press. Remove puck from plate using pliers and set back in heat press.

Immediately remove transfer from plate. Caution, plate will be hot!

Immerse plate under cold water.

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