Thermofax Screen Printing

Thermofax Screens - Screens Imaged in Seconds

Thermofax Screens is an innovative thermal screen printing process, without emulsions, exposure units, water rinse out, and the chemical cleaners associated with traditional silk screening. Thermofax Screens are imaged in just a few seconds through a heat and light process. Set up costs for short run productions are greatly reduced.

Thermofax Screens use a durable, fine mesh with a thin, clear poly film backing. The Thermofax Screen is fed along with carbon based artwork (laser prints, photocopies, carbon pen drawings) through a thermofax screen imager. When the carbon in the artwork is heated by the thermofax lamp, the plastic film burns away leaving an ink ready screen. Using screen printing inks, up to several hundred prints can be obtained with each screen. While Thermofax Screen is strongest as a one color print solution, it can be adapted for multi-color registration.

Thermofax Screens is the only fast, safe, quality, low-cost, and mess-free screen imaging process on the market today!

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