Thermal Screen Sheets, 70 Mesh, 8-7/8" x 11-1/2" (White)

Thermal Screen Sheets
Riso Inc.

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Thermal screen is heat sensitive material to which your design is 'burned' to when thermal screen printing.
Thermal screen is made from a durable polyester mesh backed with a plastic film. While passing through the thermal screen maker (thermal imager) the plastic backing melts away, resulting in a stencil being created. (No need for solvents, knives, or photography.) After printing with water-based inks, the framed screen can be cleaned easily with water, then dried and stored for future use.
When used with water-based inks, these 70-mesh screens can produce several hundred prints; enamel and plastisol inks can be used for smaller runs. A standard 3M thermal imager can image the screens.
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