One-screen platen

Thermal Screen Printing is our most cost-effective printing method. After initial startup cost, you can make several hundred prints for just a few pennies per print.

Just like traditional screen printing, but a much easier way to image your designs onto fabrics, wood, leather or paper. No exposure units, emulsions or chemicals needed.

A thermal screen is a durable polyester mesh backed with a thin plastic heat sensitive film layer.

Using carbon based artwork, that is a laser printout, carbon pen drawing, a photocopy or any other design with carbon in the copy, the artwork is placed against the plastic film side of the thermal screen and run through a thermal imager or transparency maker.

Thermal imagers produce heat, light and some pressure which will 'burn' away the plastic film to 'image' the screen. The imaged screen can then be mounted on a frame ready for inks and squeegee.

After printing with water based screen printing inks, the framed screen can be cleaned easily with water, dried and then stored for future use.

When used with water based inks, the 70 and 100 mesh screens can produce several hundred prints; enamel and plastisol inks can be used for shorter runs.