T-Shirt transfer process

Transfer digital photos, digitally created or scanned artwork, funny wording, custom logos, etc. to t-shirts, mousepads , tote bags or any absorbent fabric using a regular household iron.

Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper is our simplest and most economical product.

All you need is a computer, an inkjet printer with regular ink, an iron or heat press and our special paper.

Print your design on Inkjet transfer paper, leave to dry for a minute, place printed paper on to t-shirt or whatever you are printing, iron on or heat press and peel away the backing. Admire your finished item !


We offer a range of transfer papers to suit your needs. We stock transfer papers for inkjet printers, laser printers and color laser copiers of various types. Some of our papers work with a regular household iron and others require a heat press. Available are transfer papers for light and dark colored fabrics.

We extensively test all types of papers from many different USA manufacturers in order to supply the very best available products on the market. We test to provide the best quality in terms of color hold, ease of use, durability, hand feel and overall value for money.

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