JetTee Dark Fabric Transfer Paper (Blue Line)

JetTee Opaque Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric

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Starting at $5.95
Jet Tee Dark Fabric is a high quality inkjet transfer paper for printing on black or dark colored fabric. Print photographic images, clip art, scanned artwork, etc. from a regular inkjet printer with standard inks. Use a hand iron or heat press to transfer your design to a colored fabric item (cotton and cotton/poly blends work best).
Jet Tee Dark Fabric offers excellent color definition and durability. Great for sweatshirts, tote bags and heavy fabrics.
Benefits of Jet Tee Dark Fabric
  • Best opacity and washability of any dark inkjet transfer
  • Thinner transfer on fabric than other dark transfers
  • Easy to use - can be hand ironed or heat pressed
  • Also recommended for use with vinyl cutters and vector cutters with an electric eye
Product Description: Single step transfer to dark fabrics - hot or cold peel.
Tips on how to remove Jet Tee Dark Fabric backing paper:
1.) Turn the paper over to the back side with the blue line.
2.) Make a small tear in the corner of the backing paper (side with blue line).  This will only tear the liner, not the printed film.
3.) Slowly peel the paper backing from the transfer film, starting with a small tear in the corner to make separating easier.

Paper Sizes:  Comes in 8-1/2"x11" and 11"x17" sheets.
Coming soon:  Jet Tee Dark Fabric Premium, a higher quality, durable inkjet transfer paper for dark fabrics.  Please contact us for more information.

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