Inks & Paints

Paints and inks for art projects. Now featuring the Jacquard line.

Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Inks
These professional inks have good body and screen beautifully. White or Super Opaque White are separate colors or blend to increase opacity. New opaques in stock.
Thermal Screen Ink
High quality water based screen printing ink. Perfect for screen printing. Beautiful transparent overlays can be achieved with the use of the Clear Extender. Metallics and Opaque White will print over dark tones.
A concentrated liquid color for use on any untreated fabric. Spray on tie dye, watercolor airbrushing, salt technique, spritzing through stencils, sponge printing, sun printing and simplified batik/wax resist
Art Supply Kits and Class Packs
Get started on your art project in no time with these all-inclusive kits. Silk, tie-dye, marbling - make your choice and start printing!

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