Mesh & Screen

SwiftScreens are Thermal Screen Masters used to carry the image to be printed - the image is burned in to SwiftScreen.

SwiftScreen is a thermal screen made from a durable polyester mesh backed with a heat sensitive plastic film; when carbon based artwork (photocopy, laser print, carbon pen drawing, etc.) is placed against the plastic side of the screen and passed through the thermal screen maker, the plastic backing melts away, resulting in a stencil being created. (No need for emulsions, exposure units, cutting or solvents.)

After printing with water-based inks, the framed screen can be cleaned easily with water, then dried and stored for future use. When used with water-based inks, the 70- and 100-mesh screens can produce several hundred prints; enamel and plastisol inks can be used for smaller runs. A standard 3M thermal screen maker can image the 70 and 100 mesh screens.

Important note on artwork

RISO ScreenMaster requires carbon based artwork - Laser print or photocopy - to image the mesh. It is critically important you ensure your laser printer or photocopier contains carbon, as many new model laser printers and digital photocopiers use graphite powder and not carbon toners.

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Thermal Screen Roll, 70 Mesh (White)
PRICE: Starting at $175.00
Thermal Screen Roll, 70 Mesh (White)
70 mesh thermal screen in an economical roll. Carries burned image when thermal screen printing .
Thermal Screen Roll, 100 Mesh (White)
PRICE: $350.00
Thermal Screen Roll, 100 Mesh (White)
Thermal screen in an economical roll. Carries burned image when thermal screen printing.
Custom Screen Imaging
MSRP: $0.00
Custom Screen Imaging
No Thermal Imager? No Problem! There are several artists that offer their designs as well as custom screens at a low cost for all of your surface design need.