Transfers & Art Papers

Transfers and Art Papers

Transfer digital photos, digitally created or scanned artwork, funny wording, custom logos, etc. to t-shirts, mousepads, tote bags or any absorbent fabric using a regular household iron.

All you need is a computer, an inkjet printer with regular ink, an iron or heat press and our special paper.

InkJet Transfer Paper
We offer a range of quality inkjet transfer papers. We do extensive testing to bring you the best commercial grade transfer papers available. We have options for iron on and heat press; light and dark fabric; hot and cold peel.
Laser Printer Transfer Paper
We offer a range of laser transfer papers for use with various color laser printers and copiers. These heat transfer papers use low cost toners, print without borders - no trimming, have no hand feel with superior washability and color vibrancy.
Heat Presses
Heat presses are professional-grade machines using a combination of heat, time and pressure for a wide variety of heat transfer applications.

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